On the old site - old programmes

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On the old site - old programmes

Unread post by PSumbler »

Many moons ago in a pre lockdown world I talked on the old site about having plenty of old programmes going when I had a clear out

Finally getting round to said clearout ( :lol: ) but for the life of me cannot remember who I talked with about wanting them for their grandson/daughter

I dont suppose by any stretch of the imagination it was anyone reading this and if so give me a shout as you are welcome to have them

And if you aren't that person but want some old programmes (hundreds) then shout - free to a good home
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old programmes

Unread post by karnataka »

Was looking through some old boxes for something the other day and came across a batch of old Swans football programmes going as far back as the late 50s. I didn't look through them all but this one caught my eye, especially the Swans lineup.

Sorry if they're a bit big, I haven't worked out how to post them smaller. Any (polite) suggestions welcome.



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Re: On the old site - old programmes

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