Season 20/21: Swansea City v Preston Match Thread

The Matchday threads have become somewhat of a legend on Planet Swans. Here, we keep them all for posterity, watch how forum posters react as our games materialise.

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What will the result be against Preston?

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Swans win
Preston win
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Re: Season 20/21: Swansea City v Preston Match Thread

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Jinxy wrote:
05 Apr 2021 21:47
Londonlisa2001 wrote:
05 Apr 2021 20:16

When a player misshits a pass or fails to close down or can’t get off the floor when he’s jumping against another player or falls on the ground looking for a free kick as he has neither the pace nor the skill to get past someone it’s his fault.

I’m no Cooper fan but this bunch of players aren’t silky, talent stuffed thoroughbreds waiting to be unleashed, they’re bang average players with zero consistency. Coaching is one issue, but inate ability is another.

If they had such ability they’d have been sold alongside everyone else. A few of them could do a good job with more talent alongside them (see mark Gower) but all together there is simply no spark.

Come on mun, you don’t pick up players as a first choice from Bristol Rovers because they’re superstars in the making at 30 odd. They are good, honest professionals at this level, but that’s not what’s needed to get up, a few of the team need to be a cut above and we just don’t have them. Guehi is probably the only one.
I disagree Lisa. There have been times this season where we have played good passing football. Can't quote the exact games, but those with younger brains on here can help me out!

Our promotion team last time wasn't filled with superstars. With the greatest of respect (and I really mean that), all were damn good, hard working professionals that understood a clearly coached system, and executed it time after time. We were many, many times the sum of our parts, with coaches that 100% believed in that style of play, and transmitted that to the squad. At the moment they are significantly less the sum of their parts, in my opinion. For me, it's no coincidence that the style of play has dropped, almost in unison with the pressure and expectation having increased.

Cooper was a punt (cue rhyming comparisons!), due to his work with young players, presentation and low cost option. My view is the price possession, passing, attacking style simply doesn't run through his veins. He probably fancifully flirts with it, but his bog standard FA-esque background prohibits him from telling the players to be brave, and back them when it goes wrong, as Brendan Rogers did many times. I think Cooper has told them to pass it, but ANY doubt, play it long. They probably train well, but the match day message is don't lose it in our third, defend well, and play a longer speculative ball if danger arises.

Cooper is out of his depth, and has been promoted beyond his ability. These players are collectively capable of much, much more. I am disappointed, because earlier in the season he was showing signs of learning. As I say, the pressure has got to him.

Ps I speak as someone who's attended every home (and many away) games for decades, watching the work rates, movement etc of players off camera.
I think a fair few will agree with that.

jack123 wrote:
06 Dec 2020 21:08
:lol: :lol: :lol: You should seek therapy, with thoughts like you have.. Dr P is the best thing since sliced bread.

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Re: Season 20/21: Swansea City v Preston Match Thread

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If he doesn't now give Whittaker a go I'm sure we'd all have love to have heard the conversation between the two as to why.
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