Homophobes in sport

It does exactly what it says on the tin. If it's not about football then it belongs in here for discussion. Once again we ask that you respect your fellow posters.
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Re: Homophobes in sport

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jack123 wrote:
06 Aug 2022 21:12
Professor wrote:
31 Jul 2022 16:30

Not doing something is always an action as it’s a choice. Whilst ‘Gilead’ Independent seems to be quite happy to allow homophobic threads and even allow some to revel in them; some of us think equality regardless of sexuality, colour or nationality is fairer. Now that’s not to say those that abuse equality are above criticism or indeed the law.

Writing ‘it’s common sense’ in a thread is never that. It’s always reaffirming the opinion you already hold.

Most dictionaries would disagree with that statement. https://www.merriam-webster.com/diction ... activities

Not doing something is never an action..

Aaaaaaaaaaaand we're off :lol: