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by old cob
14 Jan 2022 17:51
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Topic: Swans eye Sunderland’s Scottish hitman?
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Re: Swans eye Sunderland’s Scottish hitman?

Captain_Sham wrote:
14 Jan 2022 16:43
I know we are struggling for goals but dont you think we should try extra training before we hire a hitman?
We are struggling for goals not because the frontmen we have are inadequate, but our defense and midfield don't get the ball to them early enough. By the time they finish playing pretty on the edge and around our own penalty area the opposition has set their defense. Everyone can see that but won't complain about it because for some reason they think RM is always right, and that's the way he likes it. I believe we are not more than a couple short of a very good squad, but it's the way they are asked to play.