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by PSumbler
14 Jan 2022 08:03
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Topic: No 10 Party ... Bring Your Own Booze!! ...
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Re: No 10 Party ... Bring Your Own Booze!! ...

Pegojack wrote:
14 Jan 2022 07:45
MajorR wrote:
13 Jan 2022 23:42

Taxi for Boris!
I'm not so sure. In a way, this is better PR for Boris. He clearly wasn't there, he can prove he was at Chequers.
Watch his arse kissers do the media rounds this morning and say that the no. 10 staff are obviously out of control, the prime minister needs to make changes amongst them, blah, blah, blah. A few junior people will be lined up as fall guys, then the Spaffer will hunker down and hope the storm will pass.
Sadly this is the most likely scenario

How the hell the buffoon is still PM is beyond me but there is nothing like power to corrupt or is that corruption to power