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The Ref’s Watch – Brentford & Rotherham

My observations for this report is for the Brentford game & Rotherham game.  I would call this a tale of 2 managers. For Brentford there are...

The Ref’s Watch – Barnsley and Nottingham Forest

Due to the unexpected cancellation of the Blackburn game. I am analysing the Barnsley and Blackburn game. First for the Barnsley game. This was for...

The Ref’s Watch – Stevenage

After taking a little break over Christmas to just enjoy the Swans ? rather than analyse. It’s good to cast my ref’s eyes over...

The Ref’s Watch – Cardiff and Derby

I’m sure most supporters are still are on a high from Saturday’s result against Cardiff. Then we’re brought back down with what can be...

The Ref’s Watch – Luton and Bournemouth

After what I would describe as two positive results from Luton & Bournemouth and combining both games and being nit picky there is very...

Déjà vu for the ref’s watch

For the Forest & Middlesborough games. It for certain seems a case of Déjà vu.  As this could quite easily be a copy of...

A tale of two referees

Games in the Championship come thick and fast so Jonathan Yeoman's had doubled up on his latest ref's watch with a look back over...

The Ref’s Watch – Norwich

I found this game quite hard to review as with my Swans supporters eyes getting the better of me on many occasions. Quite often I...

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