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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Jonathan Yeomans

Swans supporter all my 45 years. Seen the highs & lows! Also a local referee so when a decision is made, the row I sit will ask my refs opinio

The Ref’s Watch – Birmingham and Preston

First an apology to regular readers of my blog in that I was in too bad a mood after the Swans v Cardiff and the...

The Ref’s Watch – Blackburn and Luton

First, I'm going to have a real rant about the Blackburn game.  As most of you who read my blog have found. I do not...

The Ref’s Watch – Stoke and Middlesbrough

This week's analysis will be on the games at Stoke and Middlesbrough and a couple of "favourable" decisions. First the Stoke game. This game had...

The Ref’s Watch – Coventry and Bristol City

For a change there's a bit more than normal  for my refs watch.  For this report I shall be analysing the Coventry & Bristol City...

The Ref’s Watch – Nottm F and Huddersfield

For my weekly report I will be looking at both the Nottingham Forest and Huddersfield games. To say I'm grasping at straws to talk about...

The Ref’s Watch – Brentford & Rotherham

My observations for this report is for the Brentford game & Rotherham game.  I would call this a tale of 2 managers. For Brentford there are...

The Ref’s Watch – Barnsley and Nottingham Forest

Due to the unexpected cancellation of the Blackburn game. I am analysing the Barnsley and Blackburn game. First for the Barnsley game. This was for...

The Ref’s Watch – Stevenage

After taking a little break over Christmas to just enjoy the Swans ? rather than analyse. It’s good to cast my ref’s eyes over...

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