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West Ham United and £4m for Ben Cabango?


A reputable journalist is allegedly reporting that West Ham have targeted Swansea defender Ben Cabango in a potential £4m deal – a deal that almost certainly would force the Swans to sell if there was truth in it.

Fabrizio Romano, a well respected journalist with a host of previous track record has reportedly said that Cabango is a target for the Hammers as they look to strengthen their defence with an international defender.

There was some speculation back in the summer that Cabango could be on his way from the Swans and there was a rumour this week that Russell Martin was perferring to hold onto Rhys Williams ahead of Cabango although we stress that is an unsubstantiated rumour.

It remains to be seen how much truth there would be in this but given the reputation of the journalist it would be madness to dismiss it out of hand assuming he said it.

Edit: Tuesday 11th (7am) – There have been several messages sent in questioning the validity of the reports which were received from several different people.   The tweet in question was certainly not the “source” and it is interesting that this appears to be a story with some substance that has escalated with some 2+2=5 discussion in various places.  There is certainly no further suggestion that Fabrizio Romano has made the claim and whilst we do not expect him to know he has been accredited to it, we do apologise for using that as a source.

However, it still remains of interest that several people are hearing similar stories on a similar vein and that in itself makes for interesting January speculation if nothing else.

But for now more than happy to file Cabango to West Ham in the “not happening right now” bin!


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