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Steve Cooper on verge of Swansea exit



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News, rumour and speculation hits us today that Steve Cooper may not be the manager of Swansea City much longer putting to an end a summer of speculation over his future and ending the farce that has been his noticeable ‘absence’ from pre-season training to date.

Cooper’s future has been the subject of much speculation this summer already thanks to the heavy links with the vacancies that were at both Crystal Palace and Fulham.  It was widely speculated that he had spoken to both clubs and we were reminded constantly through all that speculation that he had broadly hinted in the immediate aftermath of our Wembley defeat that his future lay elsewhere.

His words on the Wembley turf that day stated that he would always remember the last two years with fondness and we suggested at the time that he was paving the way for his exit this summer.    It was an exit that we firmly thought at the time would end at Crystal Palace but as they lunged between managerial first choices it always looked as if he was never first choice but the choice of a moment when nobody else was available to them.

Fulham showed an interest but it seemed that the alleged compensation clause in Cooper’s contract was their stumbling block and they ended up heading for Marco Silva with Cooper seemingly out of options for potential suitors.

That in itself would surely lead the manager to look up, realise that he had a job and become slightly vocal as his side began pre-season.  Well, you would think anyway.  The silence from Cooper has been noticeable to the fanbase but not mentioned by the media.  No comments from the boss on anything just the occasional fleeting glance of a picture of the boss but nothing of substance and that has led to speculation.

Speculation that you can easily ignore until someone suggests that two and two do indeed need to be added together and the answer really will be four.  Steve Cooper wants to move on from Swansea City and his silence and absence is potentially (likely) being caused by two parties – manager and football club – coming to a solution around the manager’s departure.

So we go out on a limb and state that we do not believe that Steve Cooper will be Swansea City manager for too much longer.  And to clarify when we talk about too much longer we are talking about days rather than weeks and certainly not months.  Or, to put it another way, his last competitive match as manager of the club passed in May when we lost to Brentford.

This is something that has been coming for weeks.   Why is the manager not speaking?  Why is he not visible?  It can only be because he is wanting out, the club know he wants out and both have agreed that he carries on until the package is agreed.   Cooper is on the verge of a departure but it will be clear that there is some package to be negotiated to make that happen first.

It is the only real solution that makes any sense.   When teams return to pre-season training the manager will nearly always talk about their excitement ahead of the new season and their transfer business to date.  From us?  Silence.   The manager will be asked about future transfer plans, speculation around signings but again, from us?  Silence.

It could well be that Cooper has lined himself up a job somewhere but the suggestion to us is that he hasn’t but he wants to be free of the contract and the compensation clause to allow him to move on and further a career under the belief that he has taken us as far as he can and he wants out before the stock slips this season.

Let’s wait and see what happens but that is our belief based on suggestions, rumours, speculation and just a good old look at what is happening and unfolding in front of our eyes.

Steve Cooper will soon be the latest name on a list of former Swansea City managers.


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  1. Sounds about right in fairness. If he doesn’t want to be here then, thank you for all you have done and off you go.

  2. If this is the case GO and GO NOW so we can get a new Manager in… Eddie Howe would be my choice.

  3. His and the clubs silence speak volumes, I know it’s early doors but he should address the fans whether he’s on his toes or not. It’s a tad unprofessional and disrespectful to the Jack army we deserve to know what’s going on SWANSEA TIL I DIE.

  4. You can’t blame the man when the yanks are still in charge who will want the job no money to spend any tidy players sell them on and pocket the money so you can’t blame the man I feel worst is to come with the yanks are around Curtis said in his autobiography he stayed with Swansea because he was the only one who new where the kettle was hope he hasn’t told the yanks or they will sell that to

  5. I agree with most of the comments, the silence from both manager and club says it all, but what we don’t want is looking for a replacement at the 11th hour or when the season starts. Also if he and his staff want out their hearts can’t be in it for pre season training, so it would be best for both parties that he leaves now unfortunately.

  6. He doesn’t deserve any further payment if he wants out he should just go and be appreciative that he was payed very very well when the country was n it’s knees


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