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The Ref’s Watch – Brentford, Play-off Final


First for the final blog of the year, I will split into 2 sections.  First the playoff final. Overall, I thought the referee had a good game and got the big decisions right.

The 3 areas of contention were: –

1. The Grimes yellow card. The referee used a degree of common sense and could have easily shown him a red card for Matt Grimes foul as it was reckless and out of control. I think the ref wanted to keep 11 players on the pitch. I did honestly think that Grimes got a bit lucky.

2. The penalty, it was stonewall. What made it worse for me, is what Woodman was doing. The ball was going away from goal. In the modern game players leave their foot into the keeper to ensure a penalty. I don’t like it, but the Swans have done it a few times.

3. Fulton red card. In real time it looked a bit harsh as it looked clumsy rather than malicious.

However, after watching it back, at this level of football. The referee was absolutely spot on

His positioning throughout the game was very good and was in the right place when free kicks were awarded

As a referee, what s nightmare it is when players are feigning injuries and rolling around trying to get the opposition carded. Its one part of the semi and professional game I really don’t like and that’s why I enjoy reffing junior games as the players just get on with it.

For the second part of my analysis, overall I would say that the Swans have had more favourable decisions than normally. I believe this coincides with us starting to go down under challenges.

The most obvious decisions to go against us was the award of the penalty to Bristol City and the goal disallowed against Sheffield Wednesday.

The obvious for us was the offside goal for Lowe and the dive by Naughton.  To be a referee is the hardest job in football.

What really annoys my is ex pros saying that need ex players. Most refs have played, but not at professional level.

In regards to VAR, I am in the minority that I like it, as based on law its 90% right. I am yet to see 1 manager or player complaint about a decision by VAR that goes in their favour

I have really enjoyed doing these reports this year and hope people have enjoyed them to


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  1. It was clear from the off that the ref had a problem with Swansea, ignored Brentford fouling and fell for their gamesmanship. Thank goodness Siân Massey stood up to their bullying attitude.

  2. For a Swansea fan to claim that Brentford use gamesmanship is astonishing. Swansea SHOULD NOT HAVE EVEN BEEN AT WEMBLEY – you only got there through well organised, systematic cheating throughout the season. A team with Andre Ayew in it is a shitstain on football. And you know that only too well.


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