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Friday, December 3, 2021
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The Ref’s Watch – Wycombe Wanderers


I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to regular readers of my weekly blog as I am back reffing which has clashed with Swans games. My analysis cab only based on extended highlights of the game.

This is a bit unfair on the referee as they often over highlight areas of contention and miss the good aspects of game

For the Wycombe game there are 3 talking points and the 3 penalty calls.

1st the one against the Swans, this was correctly not awarded, this is based on the updated law of the ball hitting player in hand from less than a metre. However, despite what drivel we hear on Match of the Day etc, handball is some times subjective.

The penalty awarded for is for certain non subjective, player tried to control with his hand. The Wycombe’s players reaction gave everything with their reaction as well.

Last the call not to award a penalty for Swans

For me, this was a stonewall push in the back  The referee was well positioned and the only reason I can think he didn’t give it was because he had given one earlier

However, being back reffing the last week, I truly appreciate that being a ref is the hardest job on the pitch, especially at local level where you don’t have linesman

But I genuinely love it


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  1. I think the ref evened the count because Wycombe should have had a penalty in the first half.
    Overall, the ref was poor.

  2. I thought the ref was poor. He allowed Wycombe to slow the game down to pedestrian pace. I wish refs would start booking players from deliberately preventing free kicks from being taken quickly. Also Wycombe conned him so many times by taking a throw in from the wrong place and being told to retake it except there’s no ball available. Refs need to be stronger. After that rant mind you Swans were very poor for most of the game and did not deserve 3 points


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