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The Ref’s Watch – Birmingham and Preston


First an apology to regular readers of my blog in that I was in too bad a mood after the Swans v Cardiff and the Welsh game against France in rugby.

The supporter part of me got the better of me but for this report I shall be reviewing the Birmingham and Preston game.

For the Birmingham game, in regards to the big decisions. For me both penalties given against us were correctly awarded. The Swans players reaction gave you everything. For me, both were extremely stupid and silly fouls.

However, this game left me annoyed with clear and obvious errors.  Birmingham were wearing white skins underneath their blue kits.

Also, for the 1st penalty this should have been retaken and Woodman should have received a yellow card as law 14 says the crossbar and posts must be stationary. Woodman was jumping up hitting the bar making it move 2 put off kicker.

This should have been also picked up by assistant ref and the 4th official.

Once again, players had only taped up jewellery. This is so annoying as a ref as you will constantly get “players are allowed 2 do it down the Swans” its extremely undermining.

Onto the Preston game, whereas watching the Swans has become joyless. I counted 17 fouls against the Swans without a yellow card.

There were no major talking points and nothing really 2 talk about in regards to decisions.

Unfortunately as mentioned the supporter in me has got the better of me with Swans as I am not enjoying us play at all. This effects my ability to judge ref as I am getting far to frustrated with team


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Jonathan Yeomans
Swans supporter all my 45 years. Seen the highs & lows! Also a local referee so when a decision is made, the row I sit will ask my refs opinio

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