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And now Jamal is the target for the idiots



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I am now more than convinced that those doing the racial abuse of players on social media are doing it for no reason other than their allotted “five minutes of fame” because frankly surely people cannot be that stupid can they?

Well actually now I think about it maybe they actually can be that stupid.   If you are incredibly dull enough to believe that the way to react to a defeat in a game of football is to racially abuse one of the players for the team you claim to support then you aren’t overly blessed with a positive number of brain cells.

Ever since we saw the crazy protests outside our stadium that was against our players taking the knee it has seemed to create what some believe is a green light to abuse players.

First it was Yan Dhanda, Ben Cabango was on the receiving end after a Welsh game last week and after last night it was the turn of Jamal Lowe to get the treatment of the bigoted people.

Lowe posted the offending message on his Instagram page and BBC Sport Wales were told that the account which posted the message had been removed for breaching the rules of the platform.   This remains not enough as the same idiots return, post their hatred again without any clear retribution or punishment for their despicable actions.

Football authorities have been calling on the social media platforms to do more and should continue to do so until it is completely eradicated not just from football but from all aspects of the platforms.   Clear details of people creating accounts should be asked for, identification provided if necessary and that means that everyone becomes accountable for what they write.   These things are not difficult to implement if you have a clear policy to implement them with and that is the steps that Facebook and Twitter need to be considering, deleting the accounts is the social media equivalent of horses and stable doors.

What is becoming increasingly evident is that until they stand up and make significant changes to their platforms then these things will continue to happen and football will be continually blighted by its unacceptable side.

Over to you social media.


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