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The Ref’s Watch – Stoke and Middlesbrough



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This week’s analysis will be on the games at Stoke and Middlesbrough and a couple of “favourable” decisions.

First the Stoke game. This game had a very good feel to it, with the ref allowing minor fouls and playing advantages. He also kept his cards in his pocket as much as he could. He also seemed to have a quick word with players rather than make himself centre of attention.

However, this seemed to change in the 2nd half when Clarke came on and went down under any contact from a Swans player making a tackle on him. This seemed to wind up Swans players and Stoke players alike.

Then we come to that decision.  So let’s address the award of a penalty.  As a supporter I’ve ofen critised the Swans for being to honest for not going down in the area.

For me, there was minimal contact and Naughton seemed to extend his leg out. Had this been given against us I’d have been furious and many Swans supporters would be as well.

Onto the Middlesbrough game.  As mentioned in my introduction to say we had had a couple of favourable to put it quite bluntly is an understatement. As a supporter, I would like to reiterate that I don’t complain and celebrate even the most dodgy decision our way.

There are were quite some  major talking points for this game.

1st the injury caused on Dijksteel by Manning for me was purely accidental and just a coming  together of 2 players

2nd the disallowed goal for Middlesbrough. I would be ranting for weeks over that. I honestly have no idea why the ref who was well positioned gave a foul on Fulton. The tackle was fine, there were some comments about the Middlesbrough player other leg catching Fulton. The tackle was fine and there was no follow through.

Which leads me to the penalty. At first look I thought he was going to book Birdwell. But what I couldn’t believe was that the ref pointed for a corner then went to penalty. Which leads me to that he had a call from the linesman.

However, due to the position of the ref, this is usually his decision.

Have I done this myself, yes when I was a younger inexperienced ref. I would not give advice on refs to do this.  I thought the tackle was fine.

This maybe hard for supporters to take this and as a supporter myself as mentioned am I going to complain? NO!!!!!

In regards to comments made by no ones favourable manager in Neil Warnock, where his remarks about Cooper’s father (former ref Keith Cooper) were close to the mark. It was his other remarks about games not to do with him could get him in water.

I have been asked in recent weeks about Ayew’s penalty technique.  As always I refer to the law. For this its law 14.

This states that the player is allowed to feign, as long as he doesn’t stop. Ayew does exaggerate it, but he doesn’t stop.

Overall it’s been a quiet one this week!

(I say with tongue in cheek!)


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Jonathan Yeomans
Swans supporter all my 45 years. Seen the highs & lows! Also a local referee so when a decision is made, the row I sit will ask my refs opinio

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