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The Ref’s Watch – Swansea v Brentford



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For this game, up until the 63rd minute I was starting to think I may have nothing to write about.

Then, the game exploded with 3 major decisions. Unfortunately, due to watching on firestick, I’ve been unable to really review all of them. So I am basing on what I saw via the television.

For the penalty, when I first saw it I thought it was a penalty.  From the ref’s angle it would have looked stone wall. On looking at replay from other side the Brentford player did seem to get a bit of ball.

Then the red! Being absolutely honest, I didn’t even think it was a foul at first look or on 2nd look.

Furthermore, if that decision had been given against a Swans player. I can guarantee nearly all supporters would be screaming that we always get screwed.

However, the ref was within 5 yards of the decision. What I did like was during the water break he took time to explain his decision to the Brentford captain.

Then the dive. For me I thought the ref booked wrong player and it was Gallagher who had dived and not Brewster.

I did like the way the ref adjusted his style. During the first half he was not fussy and rather than blow for fouls he played the advantages and let game flow. After the sending off he blew for far more fouls to ensure he remained in control. During all his decisions he looked calm & measured.

This was a game where the decisions went for the Swans. As a supporter, I find it that it’s about time that  big decisions go for us (eg Man City FA cup last season)


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  1. I agree with you about the sending off Jon. A tad lucky there. But thankfully this decision wasnt against Swansea. In my day that would have been a fair challenge to be honest. Enjoying your blogs. Have shared this with Simon Brown another Referee and a valued family friend. Ps he’s quite good at press ups too for a ref and Villa fan 🙂

  2. Have Brentford appealed the Red Card? I can find no reports that they have. If not they will need to get a wiggle on if they are going to.

  3. Check on bbc sport and sky sports saying it has been rescinded. Without my supporter’s hat on, is the correct decision.


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